Supporting Equity in Dual Language

Funded by the William K. Kellogg Foundation, P-6015895-2023

SEDL is a one-year project of the Four Corners REC-1 to support member districts’ dual language programs. SEDL does not espouse a particular approach to dual language instruction. Rather, through SEDL, REC-1 can help each district strengthen its own program.

4 Leaves of SEDL

Retreats for administrators and teachers to strengthen the dual language program; Follow-up meetings.

Events for community members to share ideas about dual language instruction.

6 dual language teachers sponsored to attend La Cosecha, all expenses paid.

Working dinner for administrators to share challenges, strategies, and program design.

Desired Outcomes

Short Term

Long Term

  1. Modified and enhanced instructional practices
  2. Increased collaboration among dual language instructors
  3. Refined dual language model to increase alignment with community interests and values
  1. Increased student engagement in learning opportunities
  2. Improved academic proficiency
  3. Increased language proficiency in historical language
  4. Increased community support for and engagement in local education system

Participating Districts

  • Bloomfield Public Schools
  • Farmington Municipal Schools

Project Director / Contact Information

David Bowman, REC-1 Executive Director
E-Mail David Bowman