The Four Corners REC-1 is working hard with member districts and partners to improve education outcomes, increase the graduation rate, and help students make a smooth transition to post-secondary education or careers. Information about current projects and activities is below.

Extending Equity into the Digital Workforce

Funded by the US Department of Education, this 4-year program will create and expand opportunities for student to prepare for careers in cybersecurity.

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CLIA Certificates of Waiver

Providing an “umbrella” CLIA certificate of waiver to help public, non-public, and tribal-funded schools provide Covid, Flu, and Pregnancy testing in their own facilities.

More information on the CLIA Waiver page

Navajo Dual Language Development

Funded by the Kellogg Charitable Foundation, REC1 and Bloomfield Schools are partnering to develop a comprehensive PreK–grade 12 dual language system to support Navajo students achieve success. Project components include:

  • Community Culturally Relevant Early Childhood Centers
  • K–12 Navajo Dual Language Curriculum and Program
  • Career Readiness Pathways

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SEL4NM / LANL Foundation

In collaboration with the Social-Emotional Alliance for New Mexico (SEL4NM), REC-1 is supporting the development of statewide resources and leadership in social-emotional development for all New Mexicans. REC-1 is serving as the fiscal agent and advisor to SEL4NM in the implementation of Los Alamos National Laboratory Foundation funding.

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100% Community San Juan County

The 100% San Juan website provides county residents with the information and resources to identify the biggest challenges facing all county residents and the solutions. We provide an overview of the 100% New Mexico initiative and under ACTION, you can learn how Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and trauma impact families, schools and workplaces. Spotlight on Health provides public health data on local challenges. Framework for Change highlights our initiative’s process for improving service access and delivery. Budgets & Values provides links to local governments whose elected leaders, working with local stakeholders, are key partners in ensuring ten vital services so 100% of families can thrive.

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Statewide Technology Initiative

NMRECA’s will be collaborating with Regional Education Centers to assess needs, solutions and offer support for students, educators, and parents.  Support will be focused on Technology, Educational Technology, and Professional Development.

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Virtual School

Our long-term intent is to work with partners to create the first-ever virtual school. Our plan is to combine the best of the traditional classroom with the best of online platforms, gaining value from both approaches and eliminating their weaknesses. Result: equitable learning experiences for all students, providing any time and any place learning.

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Ongoing Development

REC-1 is currently working on project development in the following areas:

  • Virtual Learning Opportunities
  • Social Emotional Learning
  • Regional Reading / Literacy Development
  • Telecommunications and Equitable Access
  • New Mexico Career Technical Education Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment working group
  • PreK–12 Bilingual Instructional System

Prior Projects

Computer Science for Middle School

Computer Science for Middle School (CS4MS) students is funded by the New Mexico Public Education Department. CS4MS supports after school coding clubs for approximately 150 middle school students in Zuni Public Schools and Farmington Municipal Schools, as well as professional development for teachers.

Find more information on the Project Page

RECA Child Care Initiative

In collaboration with the Public Education Department and the Regional Education Collaboratives Association of New Mexico, REC-1 is assisting in the implementation of the Child Care Initiative.

The goal is to help connect families, providers, and school staff with appropriate child care resources, tools, and information.

See the Childcare page for more information and resources.

Mock It Till You Rock It

Goal: help students develop their job interviewing skills, in preparation for entry into the workplace
Overview: On March 10, 2020, REC-1 will host mock interviews for students in member school districts. REC-1 is partnering with the Farmington Chamber of Commerce, as well as business and industry in the region, to provide this valuable learning experience. The event is hosted at the San Juan College.

Next-Gen Career Technical Education

Goal: expand and develop CTE programs to enhance opportunities for their at-risk student populations

Three participating districts have identified career pathways that align with their community needs:

  • Aztec: Power and Energy
  • Bloomfield: Cybersecurity, Computer Technician
  • Zuni: Cybersecurity

CTE funding supports course-ware, teacher professional development, supplies, and end-of-course certifications necessary for their sub-projects to prepare students for advanced study and careers.

And, of course, we continue to develop and sponsor high-need professional development for teachers!