Comprehensive Navajo Dual Language
Planning Project

Phase One: An 18-month project to develop a Pre-K to Grade 12 comprehensive plan for supporting long-term educational and career success for Navajo students. COMPLETE

Phase Two: An 8-month project to disseminate Phase One results and resources, and to begin implementation of the Early Childhood and Dual Language Frameworks.

Funded by the William K. Kellogg Foundation.

Project #: P0132562

Phase One: Planning – Completed

The purpose of Phase One was to examine the current learning programs in three areas, identify challenges, and make informed recommendations for resources and support to expand or enhance programs.

Focus Areas

  1. Community-based Early Childhood Centers:
    Collaborate with community-based childcare providers, early childhood educators, and others to identify strategies, resources, and support needed to enhance Early Childhood education experiences.
  2. Dual Language, Navajo & English:
    Collaborate with K–12 educators and community stakeholders to examine current dual-language programs, create an instructional framework based on student needs, and identify resources and support needed to enhance Navajo dual language instruction
  3. Career Technical Readiness:
    Collaborate with local industry partners, San Juan College, and educators to examine current career-technical learning opportunities and to make recommendations for expanding or enhancing programs that link students’ career interests, industry needs, and career preparation programs

Phase Two: Beginning Implementation

The purpose of Phase Two is to disseminate results and resources created in Phase One across the REC-1 region and to begin providing supports and resources to programs in two focus areas.

Focus Areas & Major Actions

    1. Dual Language
      • Contract for coordinator of this focus area
      • Regional meetings with Navajo language educators to dig into the language framework and explore implementation options
      • Deep review of mastery levels and associated skill sets by Navajo language expert
      • In-class coaching on Navajo language instruction
      • La Cosecha Dual Language Conference attendance
      • Funding for instructional resources
    2. Early Childhood Education
      • Contract for coordinator of this focus area
      • Regional workshops on Program Indicators, with self-assessment
      • Mini-conference on Cooperative Education and Cultural Relevancy
      • Professional development in early childhood resiliency
      • Funding for instructional resources

Finalized Plans

Plan for Enhancing Pre-Kindergarten Programs

Plan for Creating and Deploying a Navajo Dual Language Curriculum

Plan for Career Preparation Program Development

Other Publications & Resources

Download the Project Brochure (1.2 Mb)

Pre-K Program Quality Assessments

Pre-K Support Opportunities flyer

Navajo Language Framework